Business Website SEO

Search Engine Optimisation for SERP page success

Every time you perform a search engine search you will be presented with a Search Engine Results Page (these are usually referred to as Serp's). On these pages the website's that are relevant to your search are displayed in the search engines view of importance.

Certain search engines also include "sponsored" listings. These are paid for advertising positions that companies bid on to secure and then pay a set fee every time their advert is actually clicked. The majority of web traffic and therefore business goes to the businesses that appear on the first page of the serp's in natural positions as users will usually find these the most relevant to their search.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of on and off site optimisation to try and achieve the top natural serp positions for related keywords or search terms to your business or service.

On site optimisation refers to anything that is done within your own website in the attempt to make it more search engine friendly. More on the differences of both on and off site optimisation can be read on the search engine optimisation experts DeGal SEO website here.

Both of our packages include SEO work as standard. Our basic SEO work as part of option 1 is regularly charged at an identical or higher rate than the whole of package 1 put together. Please do not be confused by the fact nearly all web design companies list SEO as a service as most stand alone SEO companies will soon explain web designers are not search engine optimisers and it is a unique and different skill set - we personally ensure our SEO work is done by SEO experts and further demonstrates our incredible value for money for UK business start up packages!