Start a Biz Case Study

Simply Blooms Floral Design, Uckfield, East Sussex

In January 2011 we were approached by simply blooms floral design to help create their website and corporate image.

They weren't a start up business but their current website had been made by a family member and the business had a very basic corporate identity so our brief was to create an identity that reflected the quality of their flower arrangements.

Our first job was to create a classy logo to reflect their excellent floral designs based on the clients brief of utilising a tulip picture and her like of a delicate pink colour. Below is the final logo that the client was extremely pleased with. We decided to create a 2 tone logo matching a grey with the clients choice of pink. To emphasise the floral design a scripted font and additional flair was added to the floral design section. Utilising a tulip wrapped around the I in Simply gave the logo a balanced feel with the 2 tulips on the right framing the logo.

Once the final logo was created we created the matching corporate stationery starting with the business cards for use.

On the front of the card we focused on creating a strong brand presence whilst utilising the business card as a marketing tool by including an offer that added value to the recipient keeping the business card and referring to it in the future - Start a Biz always recommend utilising the marketing potential of every possible customer interaction point and anything you can do to help your business card be retained and re used puts you at an advantage - we have blurred the key word to ensure the tracking of this angle of promotion isn't compromised in a any way.

On the back of the card with have created a simple and stylish layout based on the pink and grey corporate colour scheme. We have also expanded the logo tulips into a larger, slightly blurred and faded abstract representation to act as a consistent reminder across the stationery that the business is mainly flower arranging. The vector vine in pink was added as another floral reference and design element to invoke thoughts of flowers and flower arrangements.

To compliment the business card design we then moved on to creating a letter head and comp slip design.

For the letterhead we utilised the logo coupled with the vector vine for the header. For the footer we again introduced the faded and blurred tulips before the business information framed again by the same vector vine element.

The comp slip was created to reflect the same design elements as the business cards & letter head and again features the business information, logo and design elements of tulip and vector flower vine.

Next up we worked on creating the company website that turned out to be a 28 page site. We needed to carry on the corporate look and feel of the business reflecting stylish and stunning design. We choose to go for a simple, yet classy white background site utilising the corporate pink and grey colour scheme.

The footer of the website reflects the stationery design for cross medium brand consistency. The logo tulip image is used throughout the site to help highlight click able links.

The structure of the site was designed to easily separate the 2 largest occasions for flowers in weddings and funerals with further drop down menu's allowing us to highly target keyword phrases within search engines and easily provide the site visitor with the specific page for the type of flower they were looking for.

There is a contact form easily placed on every page encouraging the web visitor to communicate with the business. The website was also created on a new domain name moving to the ending for hosting. The original .com site was then set up as a 301 re-direct with traffic forwarding to maintain any links from the old website.

You can view the website for yourself by clicking on the image below or visiting
Simply Blooms Floral Design Website

Case Study Summary

Ruth from Simply Blooms Floral Design was more than happy with both our service and the price she paid for her business re-branding. She would happily recommend us and if you are a business thinking of utilising our services then by all means drop her an e-mail for an honest and direct opinion - As time passes you can even ask her how the website is performing for her and what affect having an optimised site has had on her physical orders and enquiries for her excellent flower arrangements!