Business Start Up Best Price

We GUARANTEE the lowest pricing for startup businesses

Our promise to you....

Put simply we are so confident on offering the best UK business start up service that we will happily beat any genuine quote you receive for similar services. To qualify for this offer the package must be identical (or very similar) to our own - we operate a much missed in today's society "COMMON SENSE POLICY" for this guarantee...

Example of very similar would be a site offering a 8 page HTML/CSS's SEO'd website as part of their start up package with identical business stationery bundle - we wouldn't quibble over a few pages so would beat their price.
An example of a non similar package would be a site offering a 5 page web site as part of their package as this is half as good as our 10 page web site package or a site offering a Flash web site as this is not of a same standard as our HTML/CSS SEO'd based web site design.

If matching our Option 2 package then for accurate comparisons the quality and quantity of stationery print needs to be matched - this is 120gsm bond for letterheads and comp slips and 400gsm 85x55mm matt laminated business cards - it is important to point out that the quality of paper we use is high and not a lesser quality pulp/recycled paper.

Our website's are bespoke, hand coded, non template based. They are created from the ground up specifically for your business and every aspect is coded with search engine visibility in mind - we have found many companies offer CMS (Content Management Website's) selling them to you on the ease with which you can add content and up-date your web site
These website's are usually based on Open Source Coding such as Joomla or WordPress - these website's are usually based on free template's that you are then charged £100's of pounds for - yes you can add content but as the most crucial part of SEO work is content creation - time to really think who is the best person for adding content to your site? The design coding of these web sites is usually un SEO friendly so from day 1 you are fighting a losing cause - companies sell you a benefit when in reality it lowers their overheads and work meaning they can turn around a website in under an hour as opposed to the day's work true SEO Keyword research and website code structure requires.

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