Business Email

Effectively communicating with all business points of contact

As a business you will be in contact with a number of suppliers and customers. Every point of contact or communication will help build up the brand and image of your company. Having professional business e-mail provision can help with the marketing of your business or brand plus effective E-Mail communication can be utilised to work as yet another marketing tool for your business.

How many times have you contacted a professional business to only be provided with a personal e-mail address such as - this is the equivalent of someone writing their phone number on your hand as opposed to giving you a business card! Every professional business should have business email set up to be sent and received from to help present a professional and trusting business image.

We actually take things further with the addition of business web mail - this means you can access your business email securely wherever you can access the internet through a web browser. We can also integrate your business email account with mobile devices through the use of push email technology to ensure you are always immediately able to receive and send business e-mails.

We can set up your business e-mail as either a pop or an imap account so whatever your business email demands are we can help cater for them. Unsure of the terms used here then by all means let us know what your business e-mail demands are and we will happily advise exactly what the best business email solution for you is.